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The world has become a global village.. thanks to rapid and dramatic advances in science and technology. 
The processes and requirements of business houses are getting increasingly complex and varied. In this scenario, Alt N Solutions provides extremely viable one-stop solutions to individuals and organizations.

Alt N offers prompt, error-free and secure services worldwide to solo clients and large organizations. 
Through appropriate software, skilled manpower and effective service solutions, Alt N has helped many reputed organizations gain a significant advantage over their competitors.

Services we provide include: 


Over the past few years IT has been rapidly changing due to which most of the clients find it difficult to catch up with the changing trends in technologies. A new emerging technology might take the load off the clients business or ease company operation by cutting maintenance or service costs.

From experience, we recognize the power of a solution stems from our analysis of the requirements and a solid architecture. With this in mind, we've assembled an unparalleled team of developers to build and deploy client functionality while drawing on time-tested principles. Through a wide range of current technologies, our tenured team can confidently turn your unique business situation into a completed solution...read more


Until recently, websites were limited to providing potential customers with information about a company, and what products it had to offer. Visitors to the website could do little more than read this information online, then e-mail, fax or telephone the company to purchase the product via traditional means.

E-Commerce enables a company to sell products and services entirely online. Having chosen a product they wish to purchase, a customer can then order and pay for it securely online...read more
We understand the importance of prompt and properly managed support. Alt N offers all clients full support - over the phone and through e-mail. We guarantee that all you requests are dealt with and carried out on time...read more
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